Verify and Enrich Healthcare Licensing Data

The Healthcare and Life Sciences industries partner with MedPro Systems® to solve difficult data challenges in managing, validating, and enriching healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) attributes. With the MedProID® suite of solutions, you can empower your compliance, sales, and marketing operations to:

Verify HCPs

Confirm State Licensing Status, Key Identifiers (NPI, ME#, CDS, etc.), Best Specialty & Address, Sampleability, and much more for Federal, State, and International regulatory compliance.

Verify HCOs

Harness Address, Class of Trade, and Licensing data acquired directly from Departments of Health, State Boards, and additional authoritative sources to validate product shipments and distributions.

Augment Data

Ensure clean and accurate Customer Master & MDM data by eliminating duplicate records, appending missing key identifiers and added demographic data with ongoing proactive attribute updates.

Integrate APIs

Access MedPro's industry-leading licensing data directly in the tools and solutions important to your organization via RESTful or SOAP-based APIs for streamline data processing.

MedProID® License Validation Products

MedPro Systems® is currently trusted by more than 650 Life Sciences & Healthcare organizations, including 22 of the top 25 pharmaceutical manufacturers, to deliver healthcare licensing and validation solutions.


  Perform ad hoc searches of the entire MedProID® database for compliance and marketing needs. Access SLN, NPI, CDS, HIN, and State Covered Recipient Data from one application.


  Batch processing of HCP and HCO licenses against MedPro's database for compliance and MDM initiatives.

Sampleability Updates®

  Receive the latest SLN license updates proactively on weekly/monthly/quarterly basis for changes to license status for practitioners & organizations.


  Validate HCP and HCO license Sampleability® or Eligibility in Real-time for web portals, direct-to-practitioner initiatives and much more.

MedPro Concur Connect

  Search MedPro's HCP database in Real-time within Concur Expense to get the latest license information for Aggregate Spend reporting to reduce complexity and improve data quality.


  Integrate MedPro data access directly into the software solutions your organization uses today such as to reduce manual entry.

Call Center

  Go beyond accessing data via authoritative sources and integrate MedPro's call center solutions to verify any data points requiring additional confirmation.

Proactive Updates

  Select data points from MedPro to track and receive updates as soon as changes to those data points occur to keep your MDM dataset accurate.

MedPro ComplianceReportingID

  Complete Life Sciences Aggregate Spend solutions to meet Federal (Open Payments), State, and International reporting requirements.

Data Stewardship

  Eliminate duplicate records, missing key identifiers, and manual entry via our automated process and supplemental data stewardship services.

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Healthcare License Validation Solution Areas

Practitioner License Validation

  Access Practitioner license information that is obtained directly from over 800 state licensing boards and other industry sources on a continual basis to ensure the most accurate Sampleability information is available.

Organization License Validation

  The MedProID® organization database contains healthcare organizations, facilities, and entities in the United States and Puerto Rico that are licensed by the State Boards of Pharmacy.

Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) Compliance

  MedProID® can validate the license status of any HCP your organization engages with and provide proactive notification if a license status changes.

Aggregate Spend Solutions

  Gain access to a team of legal and technical experts that can generate transparency reports for Federal Open Payments, State, and Regional compliance regulations.

Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Compliance

  Acquire, and track ongoing, the state license information required for all shipments to healthcare organizations in the United States under the DSCSA regulations that were signed into law in 2013.

Representative Challenge and DMR + Specialty + Address Processing

  MedPro can integrate custom business process to confirm the status (DMR), specialty or best visit and/or shipping address for every HCP important to your organization.

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