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MedPro - Medical Professional Identification

DirectID - SAP

MedProID® Healthcare Provider Partnership with the SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense System

SAPMedPro’s DirectID - SAP allows real-time data access to the 14 million record MedProID® database via the SAP Travel and Expense System, to provide and facilitate accurate data entry for expense capture in support of State Disclosure and Federal Reporting requirements.

    • Access the 14 million record MedProID® HCP database to get the latest, most accurate data on your clients within SAP Travel and Expense system

    • Enable sales and marketing representatives to quickly capture required Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) expense data with minimal interruption to core business responsibilities

    • Receive all data points necessary for State and Federal compliance reports

    • Utilize a powerful search form that lets users search by name, license and address criteria

    • Improve expense reporting data upfront in the reporting process by utilizing MedPro’s data to correctly capture HCP data at the source

Please contact us for more information about the MedPro DirectID - SAP solution.

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