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MedPro Systems Receives Distinguished Partner Award from SAP Concur

March 20, 2020

For the fifth year in a row, MedPro Systems has been honored with SAP Concur's Distinguished Partner Award for Life Sciences!

Our industry-leading MedPro Concur Connect suite of solutions are supporting over 400 Life Sciences companies with accurate HCP data for Aggregate Spend in Concur Expense and Invoice, with seamless integration to our Aggregate Spend reporting solution.

Thank you to our partners at SAP Concur for this award!

For more information on the award, please visit SAP Concur’s official Partner Day Growth and Innovation Awards post.

For more information on our industry leading connector, MedPro Concur Connect, please visit our solution overview page or feel free to contact us today for a demo.

MedPro Systems Notification for the Coronavirus - COVID-19

March 19, 2020

As concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to escalate, we want to assure you that MedPro Systems is committed to maintaining the high level of customer support that you are accustomed to in an uninterrupted fashion.

Along with our commitment to our customers, the safety and well-being of our employees and our community are top priorities for us. We are taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by virtualizing events and restricting travel. Further, all MedPro employees are fully equipped and continuing normal activities remotely. Customers can expect no change to normal response times. Our goal is to ensure our teams are safe, connected, and supported during these unusual circumstances.

If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Support Specialist or use the Contact Us page of our website.

Preparing for the Next Milestone in DSCSA

March 17, 2020

Passed in 2013, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) was enacted as a measure to protect the prescription drug supply chain in the United States against counterfeit, stolen, contaminated, or otherwise harmful products. Under this legislation, Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, Dispensers, Repackagers, and Third-Party Logistics Providers are required to gradually implement the new requirements strengthening the FDA’s ability to track and audit their pharmaceutical supply chain over a 10-year timeline.

The next milestone in DSCSA’s timeline is quickly approaching. On November 27, 2020, the FDA will require all Wholesale Distributors to verify the product identifier upon receipt of returned products before further distribution. This will be followed by the interoperability requirement going into effect in 2023, and the states themselves are also reviewing potential changes to license requirements in the wake of the DSCSA uniform national policy licensing standards for Wholesale Distributors and Third-Party Logistics Providers.

Now is the time to ensure you are meeting the current DSCSA requirements and to plan for the additional obligations ahead. All Life Sciences organizations mentioned are required to confirm that their trading partners are Authorized Trading Partners with an FDA Registration or appropriate state license number.

How can MedPro Systems help?

MedPro’s suite of healthcare license validation solutions is powered by our robust Healthcare Organization (HCO) database, MedProID. The MedProID database will allow you to verify that all of your trading partners are authorized pursuant to the DSCSA.

MedPro Case Study Available:

A Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer currently utilizes MedPro to verify healthcare license data for over 200,000 product shipments annually for DSCSA compliance.

Request the Case Study

Our team has been closely following the FDA’s implementation of the DSCSA requirements and their impact on state licenses and registrations. We can provide HCO license information for Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, and Dispensers. We also have state license information for those states that distinctly license Repackagers, Third-Party Logistics Providers, and Reverse Distributors. MedPro can provide you with the license type, status, number, and expiration date, as well as the address when provided by the authoritative state source.

Contact us today, and our team would be happy to discuss how MedPro can assist your organization with DSCSA compliance.

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Chelsea Ott joins MedPro Systems as Regulatory & Compliance – Senior Associate

March 11, 2020

MedPro Systems is pleased to announce that Chelsea Ott has joined the company as Regulatory & Compliance – Senior Associate to support our growing Life Sciences customer base.

Chelsea has extensive experience with healthcare fraud and abuse regulations and assisting Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations with meeting their compliance obligations. Prior to MedPro Systems, Chelsea served as Assistant General Counsel at a New Jersey health system and Healthcare & Life Sciences Associate at a New York City law firm.

Chelsea earned her U.S. Healthcare Compliance Certification and law degree from Seton Hall Law School and her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Chelsea is a member of the New Jersey and New York bar, the New Jersey State Bar Association, the Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association, and the American Health Lawyers Association.

“Chelsea joining our team is another milestone for our organization, to meet our customers’ requests for regulatory and compliance guidance in support of our industry-leading suite of solutions,” says Bryan Andrews, Director of Sales Operations at MedPro Systems. “By now having an in-house attorney to focus on Aggregate Spend & Transparency, Data Privacy, DSCSA and PDMA regulations, this shows MedPro’s commitment to the industries we service.”

“MedPro’s best of breed approach is revered throughout the industry. I am excited to work with our customers to build upon MedPro’s stellar reputation and holistic solution offerings,” added Chelsea. “By further expanding into the regulatory and compliance space, MedPro can offer increased compliance guidance and benchmarking to better assist our customers with their day-to-day needs and questions.”

About MedPro Systems:

MedPro Systems® is trusted by over 550 Life Sciences customers, including 22 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, to solve difficult data challenges in managing, validating, and enriching healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) attributes.

MedPro’s solutions have helped customers seamlessly meet Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, Ohio TDDD, Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA), and Stark Law requirements through the use of their industry-leading MedProID® suite of solutions.

For more information, please visit:

Data Stewardship for Streamlined HCP Engagement

March 10, 2020

Data stewardship serves a vital role for Life Sciences organizations in operationalizing CRM/MDM healthcare practitioner (HCP) data, to streamline and sync internal processes for compliance, sales and marketing teams.

Data stewardship from MedPro Systems helps bridge the requests of all teams, ensuring seamless capture, validation, and dispute management of HCP records in your database for targeted sales representative engagements.

MedPro’s data stewards are full-time employees based in NJ with expertise in managing HCP license and demographic data to comply with federal and state regulations. If you are currently experiencing challenges with your internal or outsourced data stewardship processes, we can help.

Allow our team to help you:

  • Verify and adjudicate HCP primary address and license statuses to ensure field reps engage active targets in their territories.
  • Capture in-depth demographic and specialty data, including therapeutic focus, essential for targeted sales and marketing engagements.
  • Duplicate record detection and remediation to provide accurate reporting, aggregation, and logging of field rep meetings with HCPs in your CRM.

Contact us today, to discuss how MedPro’s data stewardship team can help you get the most out of your CRM/MDM healthcare license data.

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The Approaching CMS Open Payments Expansion in 2021/2022

February 25, 2020

Signed into law on October 24, 2018, the ‘Fighting the Opioid Epidemic with Sunshine Act' expands the scope of reporting requirements under the Open Payments (Sunshine Act) program to include Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) and Physician Assistants (PA) in the definition of a Covered Recipient.

Starting on January 1, 2022, Life Sciences organizations will be required to report Aggregate Spend data with APRNs and PAs to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for their Open Payments reporting. This means transparency data capture for the 2021 calendar year must include this data for submission to CMS in 2022.

Including APRNs and PAs as Covered Recipients introduces roughly 450K additional healthcare practitioners (HCPs) with potentially reportable transactions, significantly increasing the scale of Open Payments data capture.

Furthermore, there are over 400 variations of state license credentials for APRNs, and not all APRNs and PAs have NPI numbers, adding complexity to existing license validation processes your organization may have.

How can MedPro Systems help?

MedPro’s suite of healthcare license validation solutions are powered by our 25 million HCP database, including all APRN and PA license data required for capture, and backed by our premier customer service.

Our team has been closely following CMS’ implementation of these new requirements and have developed best practices for Life Sciences organizations to review and update their internal data processes to meet them.

Contact us today, and our team would be happy to share in greater detail the impact of this upcoming expansion to Open Payments, the steps your organization should be taking now to prepare for reporting in 2022, and how MedPro Systems can help.

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Center your MDM Efforts on Accurate Healthcare Data with MedProID

February 18, 2020

From record creation to ongoing management, enrich your customer universe with clean healthcare licensing data for streamlined master data management (MDM).

With our expanding MedProID DirectID integrations, users have greater accessibility than ever to quick search and add accurate healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) license data directly from within their MDM platforms.

Our DirectID solutions also enhance existing customer universe records with all key identifiers aggregated into one profile, remove pre-existing errors and duplicates, and provide proactive updates for any license status or demographic changes that occur.

Key MDM Enrichment Features:

  • Automatically append HCP records with the required information for Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, Ohio TDDD, and PDMA compliance requirements.
  • Eliminate duplicate records, missing key identifiers, and manual entry via our automated process and supplemental data stewardship services.
  • Seamlessly integrate clean license data with every major MDM provider in the industry, including, SAP Concur, Reltio, and more via RESTful or SOAP-based APIs.
  • Embed compliance in your process from the ground up, including flexible data solutions to meet customer-defined validation rules.

Demo Today:

Contact us for a free comprehensive test data review. Send MedPro Systems any size customer test file, and we'll validate it against our industry-leading MedProID database for a no-cost, no-obligation data review.

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Announcing Version 18 of MedProID®

October 19, 2018

MedPro Systems® is pleased to announce the release of our latest update to the MedProID® solution set as part of our continued effort to meet the compliance, regulatory, and marketing needs of the Life Sciences industry.

Version 18’s Key Features:

  • The latest healthcare practitioner (HCP) & healthcare organization (HCO) licensing data delivered at a greater frequency.
  • Enhanced HCP profile attributes for more comprehensive searching, filtering, and enrichment.
  • Expanded integrations and flexibility of the delivery of data in & out of MedProID®.

New Dataset Offerings:

Health System Data for Enhanced HCP Profiles

We’ve compiled data attributes from over 250 individual Health Systems to enhance the demographic and affiliation data on 300,000+ HCP profiles.

As we continue to expand this data set, the following attributes will be appended to MedProID® HCP records:

  • Health System Name and URL
  • Practitioner Name and Designation
  • Location Address(es) (up to 10)
  • Specialty and Sub-Specialty (up to 10)
  • Education
  • Group Practice and Hospital Affiliations

Deeper HCP Demographic Data

We’ve added a wide range of HCP profile level demographic attributes for improved review, qualification, and engagement by your sales and marketing resources.

  • HCP Status -An overall status flag is now assigned to every HCP in the United States to determine if they are actively practicing anywhere in the country.
  • HCP Designation - MedProID® will now assign every US-based HCP profile with a Highest Level Designation, to help categorize HCPs who are licensed across multiple designations.
  • Veterans Affairs Flag - MedProID® will now monitor all HCPs that are actively associated with VA systems, allowing for proactive notification of HCP additions and changes.

New Solutions:

MedPro DirectID® for Reltio®

Seamlessly connect MedProID® HCP data to a Reltio MDM.

Automatically append the required information to HCP records for PDMA license validation, Federal & State Aggregate Spend reporting, and CIA specialty verification. This includes Full Name and Address, SLN, NPI, DEA, and CDS key identifiers.

Eliminate the need to create custom ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and storage structures to facilitate the transfer of HCP data in/out of the Reltio Self-Learning Data Platform.

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MedPro Concur Connect Export for Aggregate Spend

Eliminate FTP file transfers - automatically export default SAP Concur Expense reports (including Attendee Detail Extract (ADE) files) to Porzio AggregateSpendID® or any Aggregate Spend reporting solution.

Both Professional and Standard versions of SAP Concur Expense are supported.

Fully automated data processing - MedPro Concur Connect Expense and Invoice for clean data INTO the Concur platform and MedPro Concur Connect Export for clean data OUT.

It only takes minutes to set up!

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Coming Soon:

Enhanced Web Service APIs

  • Google like Quick Search
  • Latest technologies – JSON, RESTful
  • Improved documentation and faster to implement

Please contact MedPro Systems® for a detailed overview of MedProID®'s latest features or view the Version 18.0 Release Notes now available in the MedProID® InfoCenter .