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Jamie M. Mastroianni joins MedPro Systems as Regulatory and Compliance Transparency Associate

October 09, 2020

MedPro Systems is pleased to announce that Jamie M. Mastroianni has joined the company as a Regulatory and Compliance Transparency Associate to support our growing Life Sciences customer base.

Jamie has extensive experience with transparency reporting, compliance audits, HCP engagement, and project management. Prior to MedPro, Jamie served as Operations Manager for Transparency Managed Services at Deloitte & Touche, LLP, with previous consulting roles at Johnson and Johnson and Novo Nordisk.

Jamie earned her Bachelor of Science degree for Business Administration, Management and Operations at Penn State University.

“We have known Jamie for many years and recognized her excellent work ethic through our support of common Life Sciences customers. Jamie is a terrific addition to our team,” says Bryan Andrews, Director of Sales Operations at MedPro Systems.

“MedPro’s reputation and professionalism in the industry are second to none,” added Jamie. “I am elated to join the company at this exciting time, as MedPro expands their regulatory services to include in-depth compliance guidance to support their industry-leading suite of solutions.”

About MedPro Systems:

MedPro Systems® is the leading provider of healthcare license validation solutions to the Life Sciences industry. Over 575 Life Sciences customers, including 22 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, leverage MedPro's suite of solutions to seamlessly meet Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, Ohio TDDD, PDMA, Stark Law, and more requirements.

Powering MedPro's solutions is the industry-leading 25M healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) license database, MedProID®, backed by MedPro's premier customer support.

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Announcing Version 20 of MedProID

September 22, 2020

MedPro Systems is pleased to announce the latest update to the MedProID solution set as part of our continued effort to meet the compliance, regulatory, and marketing needs of the Life Sciences industry.

Version 20’s Key Features:

  • Data acquisition and matching improvements
  • New software and user interface features
  • Expanded MedPro partner integrations
  • Upgraded reporting capabilities

Data Acquisition and Matching Improvements

MPV Inclusion in Best Specialty Calculation

MedPro Verified (MPV), MedPro Systems’ exclusive in-house dataset sourced direct from physician offices and facilities, has been enhanced to provide new data attributes, increased volume, and expanded accessibility options across the MedProID platform, including in: Best Specialty calculations, Web Services, and more.

French Data with MedPro - Concur Connect International

Customers of our new MedPro Concur Connect - International solution will be able to seamlessly capture and manage all French HCP data attributes, directly within their Concur Expense and Concur Invoice environments to meet France’s transparency reporting requirements. France is the first non-US data set supported by our solutions, soon followed by others as MedPro looks to expand its global HCP data presence.

New Software and User Interface Features

BulkID Matching Enhancement

BulkID, our automated matching and validation solution, now supports ‘Fuzzy Match Rules,’ increasing the success rate of matches against misspelled or mistyped data.

WebID User Interface Enhancements

WebID, our browser-based healthcare license lookup solution, now supports the following new Advanced Search fields: ‘Responsible Person’ and ‘Profile Level Status.’ Additionally, User Preferences have been expanded to include ‘Standardized Address’ display options.

Expanded MedPro Partner Integrations

DirectID - Upgrades

DirectID - provides a powerful connection to the industry-leading MedProID license validation database directly within the platform. Upgrades have been made to further strengthen accessibility and features under the Lightning design, including customizable notifications and errors. System updates to accommodate Territory Management 2.0 are also available.

New DirectID Partners

To further provide expanded data access and streamlined services, MedPro continues to partner with the leading vendors of the Life Sciences space. New DirectID integrations for Version 20 include:

  • Beghou Consulting within the ARMADA and Mainsail platforms
  • PharMethod within the PharmASSIST and PharmaSPEAK solutions
  • Vector Health within the AccuSign application

Upgraded Reporting Capabilities

Modernization of Report Tab

The MedProID Reports tab has been redesigned to improve user interaction and report access. All reports now generate in a new grid format allowing for more responsive functionality and filtering options.

Report Customization Availability

In addition to the standard Reports tab, MedPro is now offering custom reporting capabilities. Customers can request a specific report or work with a Reporting Specialist at MedPro to design a custom report for their company based on their needs.

DirectID - Proactive Reporting

To assist customers who utilize DirectID -, MedPro has designed a proactive support model to provide valuable insight into their data and tool usage. DirectID customers can meet with a MedPro Representative on a recurring basis to review powerful statistics pertaining to their usage of the tool.

Visit the MedProID InfoCenter to view the full Version 20 release notes or please feel free to contact your Sales Representative to schedule a convenient time for an complete overview.

MedPro Systems and Beghou Consulting Announce DirectID Integration into the Mainsail, ARMADA Platforms

July 24, 2020

— Partnership to provide direct access to the MedProID, 25 million healthcare practitioner database within Beghou’s technology platforms —

EVANSTON, Ill. – July 21, 2020 – In a move to further improve data quality and commercial decisions in the life sciences industry, Beghou Consulting has partnered with MedPro Systems, a leading health care industry database. The partnership provides users of Beghou’s Mainsail and ARMADA technology solutions access to 25 million healthcare practitioner and organization records and enhances functionality of their master data management solutions, enabling life sciences companies to review, add and validate health care data directly within Beghou’s platforms.

“As the life sciences landscape becomes more complex, proper master data management becomes crucial to helping companies unlock the true value of their data. This collaboration enables our clients to query records in MedPro’s health care practitioner database, easily submit data for bulk processing and leverage custom workflows to improve data quality,” said Kevin Frymire, associate partner at Beghou Consulting. “Together with MedPro Systems, we can help life sciences companies optimize their data with pre-built integrations and highly configurable technology platform deployments. These efforts will allow them to make more informed commercial decisions, faster.”

Beghou Consulting has helped life sciences companies solve their most pressing data management and commercial challenges for more than 25 years. MedPro Systems’ comprehensive database of healthcare practitioners and organizations enables users of Beghou’s technology solutions to strengthen their data strategies:

  • Mainsail MedPro DirectID® integration allows users real-time access to MedPro Systems’ database. Using custom workflows, they can search for, add and update practitioners within the Mainsail platform to enrich and enhance the quality of their customer data.
  • ARMADA MedProID® integration provides customers a configured solution for enriching master data management, sample compliance and aggregate spend reporting.

“Beghou’s innovative technology platforms are specifically designed to address the evolving data challenges in the life sciences industry. Over the past decade, we’ve worked closely with Beghou to enhance the quality of the data within its technology platforms,” said Bryan Andrews, Director of Sales Operations at MedPro Systems. “This new offering enables life sciences companies to combine seamlessly our robust database and Beghou’s flexible solutions.”

To learn more about Beghou Consulting’s partnership with MedPro Systems, visit here.

About Beghou Consulting

Founded in 1993, Beghou Consulting specializes in helping life sciences companies – especially emerging pharma companies – establish and manage commercial operations to better market and sell therapies. Deploying advanced analytics and proprietary technology, Beghou consultants have provided strategic counsel to the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, supporting some since infancy. Headquartered in Evanston, Ill., the firm has six offices and employs more than 150 professionals around the world.

To learn more, visit

About MedPro Systems

MedPro Systems is trusted by over 550 Life Sciences customers, including 22 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, to solve data challenges in managing, validating, and enriching healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) attributes. MedPro’s solutions have helped customers seamlessly meet Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, Ohio TDDD, Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA), and Stark Law requirements through the use of their industry-leading MedProID suite of solutions.

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MedPro Systems Announces Partnership with Options Travel

June 22, 2020

MedPro Systems and Options Travel have partnered to meet bio­tech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies requirements' for best in class healthcare practitioner (HCP) data capture to support coordinating meetings, booking business travel and Open Payments/ Sunshine Act transparency reporting.

"The Life Sciences industry turns to MedPro for accurate HCP data capture with our MedPro Concur Connect suite of solutions, so it's a natural fit to partner with Options Travel for booking travel and their growing base of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers." - Bryan Andrews, Director of Sales Operations at MedPro Systems

"We are excited to announce the strategic partnership between Options Travel and MedPro Systems. In a space that is defined by data driven outcomes, we are bringing unique value to our customers to make their travel and spend data more meaningful and actionable through our solutions." - Andy Kadlec I VP of Strategic Partnerships & Sales at Options Travel, with 5+ years of experience as a leader at SAP Concur and 7+ years at Stryker & Merck

About MedPro Systems

MedPro Systems is trusted by over 550 Life Sciences customers, includ­ing 22 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, to solve data chall­enges in managing, validating, and enriching healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) attributes.

MedPro's solutions have helped customers seamlessly meet Aggre­gate Spend, DSCSA, Ohio TDDD, Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA), and Stark Law require­ments through the use of their industry-leading MedProID suite of solutions.

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About Options Travel

Founded in 1992, Mount Prospect, IL-based Options Travel supports the Life Sciences Industry with their Groups & Meetings solution for Life Sciences. Biotech, pharma and med­ical device companies look to Options Travel for expertise to sup­port their group travel for events re­lated to: Investigator Meetings for Clinical Trials, Launch Meetings, Sales Kick-offs, Mid-Year Meetings and President's Club trips.

Options Travel provides full travel services to support and optimize your managed travel program with a dedicated Account Manager and a team of experienced Travel Counselors. With our solution, we are able to provide a connected ex­perience between MedPro Systems, Options Travel and SAP Concur.

Please contact Andy Kadlec at or visit to learn more.

In-Office Sales Engagements: Polling the Front Lines of Healthcare

May 19, 2020

Under the many challenges of COVID-19, it has been immensely more difficult for the Life Sciences industry to engage with, educate, and provide samples to healthcare providers (HCPs) regarding their products. Sales Representatives have been grounded as the procedures for in-office visits have become unclear, limiting their ability to reach practitioners effectively.

In an effort to outline the current measures in place, MedPro’s Data Stewardship team is polling HCP offices in all 50 states to acquire firsthand information regarding the rules of engagement for sales representatives for in-office visits during the crisis.

Here are some of the responses we've collected from healthcare offices regarding onsite visits in the last few days:

  • “As of right now, only virtual visits are allowed by sales representatives.”

  • “Rep access is by virtual lunch only. Food must be delivered, and the HCP will call the rep; there is no date for reopening to reps yet.”

  • “Reps are allowed if they want to visit, they are required to wear a mask, and their temperature will be taken. The office is open.”

  • “Reps must call the office beforehand for specific instructions; for example, they should come through the back door of the office.”

  • “Reps are not allowed as of yet, not sure when this will change. Reps can have breakfast or lunch delivered, and the doctor will reach out to the reps if anything is needed.”

  • “Reps are allowed to visit the office on the “well-side” of the waiting room. The office has been divided into two segments, with patients separated that may have been impacted by the virus.”

MedPro can partner with your Sales Operations, Compliance, and Legal teams to acquire the most relevant answers regarding in-office engagements for top sales reps and priority HCPs, gaining a valuable competitive edge. Gain answers to specific questions such as, ‘Are there any specialty limitations for visits?,’ ‘What is the current face mask and protective gear policy?,’ ‘Is there a mandatory temperature reading for visits?,’ and more.

Contact us today to work with our data stewardship team to develop specific questions, call scripts, and target lists to ensure your sales representatives can engage with practitioners effectively and safely.

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Streamline your Open Payments Reporting

April 14, 2020

With 2019 reporting to CMS Open Payments (Sunshine Act) now complete, it’s a great time to reflect on how you can improve your current reporting processes for next year. The March 31, 2020 reports presented a number of unique reporting challenges, with CMS rolling out new validation requirements for zip codes, drug names, and National Drug Codes (NDCs).

Additionally, CMS tightened its state licensing data validation. If the state license number submitted had expired prior to the start of the Open Payments program on August 1, 2013, the associated record was rejected. Many internal transparency teams and other Aggregate Spend vendors faced difficulties adapting to these new requirements and filling the gaps in their data needed to comply.

How did MedPro support our Customers with these Challenges?

We updated Porzio AggregateSpendID®, our industry-leading end-to-end Aggregate Spend tracking and reporting solution, to identify invalid zip codes so that updates could be made prior to their submission to CMS. We additionally used CMS’ Drug Name and National Drug Code Reference Data as the source for reported drug names to assure alignment with the validation source.

Our Aggregate Spend solution is powered by MedProID®, the Life Sciences industry’s most comprehensive healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) record database, which includes 20+ years of historical license data. By leveraging this data, our team was able to quickly identify and adapt to new Federal requirements on state licensure expiration and validation across millions of practitioners.

If your internal team or your current transparency vendor faced difficulties this year with the challenges above, MedPro Systems is here to help.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with next year’s Open Payments reporting, as well as the state and local reporting deadline approaching on July 1, 2020.

Healthcare Data for Enhancing Direct to Practitioner (DTP) Initiatives

March 31, 2020

As part of the many challenges of COVID-19, sending pharmaceutical sales representatives direct to healthcare practitioners (HCPs) or healthcare organizations (HCOs) is no longer an option. The Life Sciences industry as a whole is switching its focus to remote engagements with HCPs and Direct to Practitioner (DTP) sampling during this time.

With this comes the added challenge of remotely verifying HCP license and address data to ensure compliance with the federal and state regulations, including the temporary measures being adopted by various state licensing boards in response to COVID-19. The need for a solution to automate this compliance process within the tools your organization is using today has never been greater, and MedPro Systems is standing by to help.

Our Healthcare License Validation Solutions Can Help You:

  • Access real-time address verification for your DTP initiatives prior to sample shipments, avoiding costly shipping delays and returns based on inaccurate address data.
  • Verify and enrich healthcare license data directly within the tools and solutions critical to your organization via standard APIs to streamline data processing.
  • Receive daily, weekly, or custom interval updates for license status changes, including revocations, sanctions, or renewals for sampling review.

Our team is also closely monitoring the state licensing board responses to COVID-19 and the temporary regulation changes they’re enacting. We are actively updating our processes to adapt to these changes, and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today, and our team would be happy to discuss how our solutions can fit into your remote HCP and HCO engagement strategies. We can also provide our Case study, on how we are streamlining a Top 5 Pharma’s DTP fulfillment process through automated SLN verification for DSCSA compliance.

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