Concur App Center Partner of the Year

HCP Expense & Invoice Integration with an Automated Data Export to Aggregate Spend Solutions

At the 2018 SAP Concur Fusion conference in Seattle, WA, MedPro Systems® was named SAP Concur’s App Center Partner of the Year for Strategic Industries for the 3rd straight year! MedPro supports over 250 SAP Concur Expense and Invoice Customers, who have completed 9 million searches in last 5 years.

MedPro Concur Connect – Expense & MedPro Concur Connect – Invoice

MedPro Systems’ industry-leading connectors enable real-time access to the MedProID® database via Concur Expense & Concur Invoice, simplifying accurate HCP data capture for transparency reporting.

Quickly capture all required Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) data in Concur to meet
Open Payments (Sunshine Act) & State Aggregate Spend requirements:

• Name & Address
• State License Number (SLN)
• National Provider Identifier (NPI)
• Specialty & Taxonomy
• Covered State Recipient ID
• Validated Physician List (VPL)

Access the industry-leading MedProID® 22M Record HCP database for all Covered Recipients

• Medical Doctors (Inc. Trainees)
• Doctors of Osteopathy
• Physician Assistants
• Advanced Practice Nurses
• Licensed Practical Nurses
• Dentists
• Optometrists/Opticians
• Chiropractors
• Pharmacy Technicians
• Veterinarians
• Homeopathic
• Naturopath
• Registered Nurses
• Perfusionists
• Podiatrists
• Psychologists
• Pharmacists
• Dental Hygienists
• Social Workers
• Audiologists
• Hearing Aid Dispensers
• Speech Pathologists
• Dietitians/Nutritionists
• Respiratory Care
• Occupational Therapists
• Physical Therapists

Search the MedProID® database from Concur desktop and mobile apps:

• Recipient Name
• License Number
• Medical Designation
• Address Information

MedPro Concur Connect – Export for Aggregate Spend

Eliminate FTP file transfers - automatically export default Concur Expense reports (including ADE files) to Porzio AggregateSpendID® or any Aggregate Spend reporting solution.

Automates the process to extract data from Concur Expense using the latest App Center API technology by Concur and MedPro Systems – it takes minutes to set up!

Professional and Standard Concur Expense versions are supported to obtain the Attendee Detail Extract (ADE) files – critical to the transparency reporting process.

Seamless integration with Porzio AggregateSpendID® for our existing customers – learn more about our industry-leading Federal and State Aggregate Spend Reporting solution!

Why MedProID®

MedProID® is the leading provider of healthcare license solutions to the Life Sciences industry. For over nineteen years, the MedProID® suite of solutions has assisted pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, distributors and other healthcare organizations with practitioner and organization Federal and State license validation solutions to meet compliance and marketing needs.

MedPro Systems® was founded for the purpose of providing healthcare license solutions for the pharmaceutical and device industries based upon a powerful combination of licensing data and information technology. The result is the industry-leading license validation solution, MedProID®.

Superior License Data

Quality Software Tools

Premier Customer Service

Exceptional Value

Access to the most updated HCP and HCO licensing data is just a few clicks away

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