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Simplify Aggregate Spend Compliance

MedPro Systems® & Porzio Life Sciences offer the leading end-to-end Aggregate Spend tracking and reporting solution,
Porzio AggregateSpendID® (PASID). PASID enables customers to identify, collect, and review healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) general spend, research, and ownership transactions and integrate expenditures from multiple sources. The disparate data is collected into a central data repository and matched in real-time against the over 21M-record HCP/HCO MedProID® database for accuracy. Customers can then generate reports that satisfy the requirements of the Open Payments Program, the Food and Drug Administration’s samples reporting regulations, and state and local Aggregate Spend regulations.

The Major Components for Aggregate Spend include:

Identification and collection of HCP & Teaching Hospital spend transactions.

Matching, augmentation, and aggregation of spend transactions.

Monitoring and interpretation of State & Federal spend regulations.

Spend monitoring, alerts, and generation of compliance reports.

Pre-submission notification for HCPs and Dispute Resolution management.

Porzio AggregateSpendID® Key features:

Integrated 21 million record HCP State License database including a cross-reference to DEA and NPI data sources.

Sophisticated and open aggregation architecture for spend transactions.

Access to comprehensive state law, facility and company policies regarding threshold/limits on meals, gifts and other HCP costs.

Highly configurable HCP spend alerts including email delivery.

On-demand generation of Spend Management, State & Federal Aggregate Spend, and Federal Prescription Drug Samples Reports.

Why MedProID®

MedProID® is the leading provider of healthcare license solutions to the life science industry. For over eighteen years, the MedProID® suite of solutions has assisted pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, distributors and other healthcare organizations with practitioner and organization Federal and State license validation solutions to meet compliance and marketing needs.

MedPro Systems® was founded for the purpose of providing healthcare license solutions for the pharmaceutical and device industries based upon a powerful combination of licensing data and information technology. The result is the industry-leading license validation solution, MedProID®.

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