Porzio AggregateSpendID | End-to-End Aggregate Spend Reporting

Simplify Aggregate Spend Compliance

MedPro Systems® and Porzio Life Sciences have partnered to offer Porzio AggregateSpendID®, the industry leading end-to-end aggregate spend tracking and reporting solution. The goal is to provide the life sciences industry with a complete aggregate spend reporting solution with integrated data and regulatory components to comply with current and evolving spend regulations.

The Major Components for Aggregate Spend include:

Identification and collection of HCP & Teaching Hospital spend transactions.

Matching, augmentation and aggregation of spend transactions.

Monitoring and interpretation of State & Federal spend regulations.

Spend monitoring, alerts and generation of compliance reports.

Pre-submission notification for HCPs and Dispute Resolution management.

Porzio AggregateSpendID® Key features:

Integrated 21 million record HCP State License database including cross-reference to DEA and NPI data sources.

Sophisticated and open aggregation architecture for spend transactions.

Access to comprehensive state law, facility and company policies regarding threshold/limits on meals, gifts and other HCP costs.

Highly configurable HCP spend alerts including email delivery.

On-demand generation of Spend Management, State & Federal Aggregate Spend, and Federal Prescription Drug Samples Reports.

Why MedProID®

MedProID® is the leading provider of healthcare license solutions to the life science industry. For over eighteen years, the MedProID® suite of products has assisted pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, distributors and other healthcare organizations with practitioner and organization state license validation solutions to meet compliance and marketing needs.

MedPro Systems® was founded for the purpose of providing healthcare license solutions for the pharmaceutical and device industries based upon a powerful combination of licensing data and information technology. The result is the industry-leading license validation solution, MedProID®.

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