Ohio TDDD (Terminal Distributors of Dangerous Drugs)

Ohio TDDD HCP License Validation & Number Lookup

MedPro Systems® provides Ohio TDDD license number lookup and verification across the entire MedProID® suite of solutions to ensure the HCP Sampleability® reflects Ohio Drug Distribution Verification requirements at the address level.

The Dangerous Drug Act, which encompasses Terminal Distributors of Dangerous Drugs (TDDD) licensure, was signed into law in 1961. As a result, specific practices in Ohio had to obtain a TDDD license to handle or possess dangerous drugs. The verification rule (Admin. Code 4729-9-12) has been included in the Dangerous Drug Act for decades; however, the rule was recently amended in June of 2017 with modifications to exemptions related to practice type. In July of 2017, The Ohio Board of Pharmacy further clarified that TDDD licensure verification is required for delivery of drug samples to Ohio Healthcare Practitioners (HCPs).

For HCPs to receive a dangerous drug sample in Ohio, their practice address must be TDDD licensed. To help Life Sciences companies achieve this level of verification, the MedProID® suite of products uses TDDD licenses in Ohio collected in our Organization database to obtain overall address eligibility for Ohio HCPs. Ohio TDDD license validation is fully supported across the entire MedProID® suite of solutions, including WebID®, BulkID, MobileID®, DirectID® - Salesforce.com and WebServicesID®.

To learn more about OH TDDD regulations, please download the MedPro Systems® co-authored article which provides a comprehensive overview of Ohio Drug Distribution Verification requirements, or visit the OH Board of Pharmacy website: www.pharmacy.ohio.gov.

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