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Practitioner Database

The MedProID® practitioner database contains healthcare practitioners in the United States and Puerto Rico, focusing on the practitioners’ licensing status. It is an efficient, highly effective solution for verifying and enriching healthcare licensing data. The 27 million record database contains a comprehensive list of professionals, including:

Advanced Practice Nurses
Dental Hygienists
Doctors of Osteopathy
Naturopathic Physicians
Physical Therapists
Speech Pathologists
Veterinary Technicians
Genetic Counselors
Licensed Practical Nurses
Occupational Therapists
Physician Assistants
Registered Nurses
Social Workers
Dietitians/ Nutritionists
Hearing Aid Dispensers
Medical Doctors (Including Trainees)
Optometrists/ Opticians
Pharmacy Technicians
Respiratory Care

Features of the MedProID® Practitioner Database Include:

Practitioner license information obtained directly from state licensing boards and other industry sources on a continual basis.

Extensive cleansing of all licensing data to ensure data quality and consistency for practitioner license lookup.

License history providing instant auditing for each practitioner validated.

Client defined “Sampleability®” and “Eligibility” status dynamically assigned to each practitioner based on multi-level validation components.

State Licensing Data is acquired on a regularly scheduled basis by MedPro Systems® directly from the appropriate State Licensing Boards in each state. Once practitioner licensing information is acquired, the data is standardized into a uniform format. While always maintaining data integrity, this data is stored in the MedProID® state license database.

The custom design of the state licensing database and the consistency of our quality assurance load process are the key features of the MedProID® validation solution. Also included in the database is practitioner information from other sources, including sourced information, NPI data, and Controlled Drug Substance (CDS) data. A cross-reference is created between the practitioner State License Number and other primary practitioner identifiers. The result of this cross-reference is a more comprehensive picture of each practitioner, which yields better matching and validation results and serves as the foundation for all MedPro Systems® practitioner license validation solutions.

Practitioner licenses have been fully integrated into the MedProID® suite of solutions. This includes support in WebID®, BulkID and WebServicesID®, AffiliationID®, BestInfoID®, Call Center, MobileID®, Sampleability Updates®, SanctionID® and Shippability®.

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Organization Database

The MedProID® organization database contains healthcare organizations, facilities, and entities in the United States and Puerto Rico that are licensed by the State Board of Pharmacy, Department of Health and additional licensing agencies. The 800,000-plus record database contains a comprehensive list including:

Mental Health Facilities
Renal Dialysis Centers
Surgery Centers
Long-Term Care Facilities
Nursing Homes
Research Facilities
Veterinary Institutions
Hospice Facilities
Rehabilitation Centers
Retail Pharmacies

Features of the MedProID® Organization Database Include:

Organization data is acquired directly from the State Boards of Pharmacy, Department of Health and additional authoritative licensing sources within each state.

License history providing instant auditing for each organization validated.

Organization data is tightly integrated into WebID® allowing user-friendly ad-hoc queries based on virtually every available pharmacy data attribute. Bulk Organization lists are validated via the identical process utilized for practitioner validation in BulkID.

This information is increasingly in demand as federal pedigree legislation has been passed via the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) in an effort to tighten the country’s drug supply and prevent counterfeiting.

Organization licenses have been fully integrated into the MedProID® suite of solutions. WebID®, BulkID and WebServicesID®.

MedPro also provides access to commonly used lists such as the 340B, CMS Teaching Hospital, and VAWD Accredited Facilities lists.

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